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Winter months tend to bring lower humidity and freezing cold winds which happens to dry out the beard and skin, weaken the hair, and turn your beard into a down right mess.

We get it! It’s damn cold out and there's nothing better than a hot shower to warm you up. The problem is that hot water temperatures strip the beard and skin of its natural oils resulting in a brittle beard and dry flaky skin. Take cooler showers and dry your beard properly as it benefits your beard and skin condition overall. These quick tips will help you stay on top of your beard care routine this winter.  More Conditioner, Less Shampoo…

Shampoo is a great way to clean the beard but some people go overboard washing it too often. Excessive shampooing strips the beard of its natural oils. Instead, try using ourBest Beards 2 in 1 Foaming Conditioning Cleanser. It will still clean your hair plus replenish the essential oils. Follow that up with a daily application of ourBest Beard Cream,which not only re-moisturizes your beard but also will treat that dry flaky skin underneath leaving you with a soft healthy rich finish. Try it out and see what works for you but we guarantee your beard and skin will be healthier following this process. BEST BEARDING! 

Join Team Best Beard!

JOIN THE FIGHT...Each day, 22,000 people die from cancer worldwide (WHO). There's a good chance that someone you know and love will be affected by this disease. Nearly half of cancer diagnoses and deaths are preventable. No-Shave November's mission is to not only raise funds for cancer research and treatment but to educate the population [...]

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Be the star this summer . Let’s face it, the beach means endless days full of slick faced, bald chested, wanna be men Now picture yourself, diving confidently into the waves, rising up out of the surf, glistening and dripping. Awash in all those slick faced fellas, looking magnificent with your properly treated face [...]

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Don't miss out on our big Fathers Day sale!

DONT MISS OUT ON OUR FATHER'S DAY SPECIALJust enter code: FATHER17 at checkout and receive 20% off your entire order. Offer valid now through Fathers Day. Pre-discounted gift sets not included. A TRIBUTE TO DAD....                                   HAPPY FATHER'S DAY & BEST BEARDING !

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A BIG BEST BEARD CONGRATULATIONSGOES OUT TO OUR TWO LUCKY STOTESBURY SWEEPSTAKES WINNERS! Randy Callender & Wes Stonelake Each winner will receive our "SUPER PRIZE PACK" filled with an assortment of our all-natural Best Beard creams, 2in1 foaming conditioning cleanser, our custom artisan hand made beard comb along with our original design "I AM THE BEST [...]

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2017 STOTESBURY SWEEPSTAKESBest Beards welcomes you to join us for Stotesbury 2017. THE WORLDS LARGEST REGATTA. We hope you enjoy our live demonstrations and take a moment to sample some of our all-natural organic beard conditioning products. Click button below to be automatically entered in for a chance to win our "SUPER PRIZE PACK" Giveaway contest [...]

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Join us for the 91st running of the Stotesbury Cup Regatta! Will feature a fun filled weekend of racing , live beard demos and a chance to be crowned 'BEST BEARD IN THE BOAT"

Win our "Super Prize Pack"  Join us for the 91st running of the Stotesbury Cup Regatta! Will feature a fun filled weekend of racing , live beard demos and a chance to be crowned 'BEST BEARD IN THE BOAT".

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Beard Growth: 8 Tips to Optimize Beard Health | Best Beards

Summer is in full swing and for those of us who are already rocking big, full, healthy beards, maintenance and protection from the harsh sun is the name of the game. But not all of us are at that point in our beard journey. So here at Best Beards, we've compiled a list of the best beard growth and optimization [...]

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